April 16, 2015

I’m a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional!

MVP_Logo_Horizontal_Preferred_Cyan300_CMYK_72ppiI’m pleased to announce that I’ve been awarded with this prestigious award. I’ve been recognized for my contributions to community before within the local MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) program, but this is a completely different level. As of writing this, there’s only 375 MVPs with the .NET technical expertise in the whole world and I’m proud to be one of them!

I think that the .NET expertise has been introduced this year because when I was nominated back in the December 2014, I didn’t see it there and had to choose Windows Development Platform. I also noticed that with introduction of this expertise few other disappeared, namely Visual C#, Visual F# and Visual Basic. I deduced that they have been merged into .NET which probably also includes WPF and a few other areas of the .NET Framework. I think that this step is logical considering that VB.NET is getting some features from C# and vice versa, and development of both these languages is handled by a single design team taking inspiration from some F# features.

Two weeks after being awarded, I’m still overwhelmed with a number of new channels I can communicate through with other MVPs, number of new events I can participate in and number of new opportunities that presents to me. I feel that this year will be amazing!

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my MSP peers and mainly local MSP program manager who saw me fit for the award, for nominating me. It would be hardly possible without their support. Thank you.


Here’s my MVP profile listing all my contributions in case you are interested.

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